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Well i guess my name is Pride or Idolatry.
I can live with those names.
Also is sin gonna give us all a "warm" welcome.
.....Ill see my self out...

Comick responds:

Nice names lol, I already got mine now...artistry :B and oh yes nice and WARM is correct! Muawhahhaa

I know im a few years late but the ending of the fight got me.
A hero to fight for freedom but in the ned never knew what it was himself.
A villian who has freedom and (maybe) show him what freedom is like.

Comick responds:

Yeah the story itself had a lot of layers in its message haha thanks so much for noticing that! The webcomic actually tells it even more I think heh

YAY A NEW SKITZO COMIC IM SO HAPPY. I been waiting for it for so long. I was mainly worried fro your well being as well comick. I hope she is doing ok...

Comick responds:

Thanks for watching it! haha yeah no worries I'm sane...I SWEAR I AM.

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Well this is a touching story in my sense. I love touching stories. Ill be honest when it said " Love at first bite" i expected a vampire. But proves my dumbass wrong XD. Well keep it up. I love stories when two different beings such as ghoul and human or wolf and human. Also may i ask why ghoul of all mythical creatures?

KoltonKennedy responds:

I dunno. There's enough mythical beings in Ikimono High already. I decided to do something different.

Hey guys wanna have a easy fight . Enjoy this one. Also the game is great


Already Veg ^^
but still i agree with the others. Don't guilt trip people its not good for a reputation of a company or business. Just tell then the benefits of it and try to weigh out pros and cons of it and maybe show them and have them be around animals that would be food. And maybe just maybe they might agree to be veg but me ...i'm the only veg in my home so. So don't be harsh guys just understand....also we live in a world survival of the fittest but still my point stands like my lil oinker ^^

(4.5 cause it lost .5 due to me having to deal with links and if i click them i gotta play the game again jjust to see them)

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I wish i can play this and play Aggressive Nightmare mode on FNaF 3 ....yes i still play it...trying to get a good ending e.e

JBeat2k9 responds:

Haha! Oh hell yes!

I love the song bro Make more of thme bro keep it up :3

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Lovely...Can i call it a panel?
I love it and i love S.A.H.U a lot he has the hint of innocence and hes aware he has the ability to destroy everything. But hes so sweet he wants to save everything and keep everything safe from every form of harms.
<3 <3 <3 <3

Comick responds:

Yeah it does have a panel-like quality to it :) And many thanks for liking S.A.H.U. and his character so far! I should have more up soon for him

I honestly thought Sin would eat her anway. Just cause Sin is the man...errr rabbit....or demonic rabbit...but you get my point XD...

Comick responds:

I did kinda consider that haha but the horrible future that she predicts was enough to give him a good sadistic laugh. He did take her doughnuts too so it wasnt a total free ticket heh

Love the art style and the contrast. The character herself is amazing. I wish to see more of this art style. Along with more of your work. May we see her without her mask maybe ?

I love to write random stories and i draw and i try to find work to get programming software to make characters from my stories and bring them to life and make beautiful flash animations and to make

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